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Brian Daboll Is The Single Greatest Liar In The NFL, Already Started Mind Games With The 49ers

I love this from Brian Daboll. Saquon a quick healer? Sure, let's go with that. Add in that he's listening to dolphins having sex to get him back faster too. Works for other people in New York. But the fact is this is how you play mind game as an underdog. You don't just giveaway that Saquon is going to miss a quick turnaround game even though everyone says he is. I mean, maybe Saquon all of a sudden became a quick healer and this was a simple boo boo on his ankle

We know Daboll isn't afraid to lie to protect his guys. That's how you lead from the front. 

You don't have to declare Saquon out, which is why I want Daboll to keep saying this. Don't give away any secrets and keep everyone on their toes. Frankly, I want my coach to lie at every opportunity about guys and keep us guessing. Is he actually going to re-sign Saquon after this year? Play both sides so you always come out on top. It's how you win Coach of the Year in year 1. No Ben McAdoo here, that's a promise. 

I know, I know. They had to come back to beat the tanking Cardinals. I don't care. 1-1 going into the 49ers is all that matters. Do anything to steal a win no matter who you play. At this point I hope Daboll lists every single player as questionable. I'm sure it's against NFL rules to do that, but I want him to toe the line with rules at all times.