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Apparently "Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom" Is So Bad That Audience Members WALKED OUT Of Test Screenings

Normally, I wouldn't care about a movie like "Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom." I've been saying, "I don't think DC has any clue what they're doing," since I was a junior in high school. But I deal in extremes. I love spectacular successes, and I love spectacular failures. Right now, if you read the tea leaves on the Internet (which is not always true) it appears that "Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom" may fall into the spectacular failure category. 

I feel like "it just came out at the bad time "has been a perfect way of describing the last 4 DCEU movies. The average film fan doesn't know what's going on. I never saw the first Aquaman. Maybe it was the greatest movie of all time. But this is the problem with the DC extended universe is their ducks are never in a row. I try to keep up with all this shit, and I'm still unsure whether this is still part of the Zack Snyder universe or is connected to the new universe that James Gunn is kicking off. If I, a giant dork who follows the stuff closely, can't keep up with continuity, how is the average audience member going to? 

Even though this film is connected to two different universes (I'm still confused), if it's well-made, it's well-made. Matt Reeves' "The Batman" wasn't connected to any universe, and that was a critical and financial hit. But right now, it seems like "Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom" is receiving a lot of negative word of mouth. The film has already undergone extensive re-shoots, but the trailer looked fine. Trailers always lie, but I'm trying to figure out why audiences have been so harsh on the film. We have a reason. 

I need to preface this by saying that these are only rumors, but it has been confirmed that Aquababy (I can't believe I just used that phrase) will be included in this movie. This comes from SceenGeek.

The inclusion of Aquababy has always been a controversial one. This is because the character was killed off in its earliest comic book appearances by Black Manta. And, being that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is playing Black Manta in Aquaman 2, it could explain why viewers would’ve walked out during the scene. Other X users add that it seems as though Aquababy isn’t going to survive:

Again, I need to reiterate that these are all rumors, but the idea that somebody would think that killing off a child is a smart move in a superhero flick would be an all-time boneheaded decision. 

In this movie's defense, there have been past films that everyone assumed were going to be bad simply because the early word of mouth was not positive. "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" was plagued with rewrites and re-shoots. I think that movie is pretty damn good. Maybe that will be true for "Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom." But right now, it's not looking good.