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If You Drink Alcohol at a Movie Theater, You Might Have A Problem

Last week, we tiered movie concessions on Lights, Camera, Barstool and today they released this clip so I want to talk about it. When alcohol came up, we all kind of had the same take. Drinking at the movie theater is kind of wild and you may need to seek help if you're doing that. 

I just think drinking at a movie theater is kind of absurd. It is not a social event at ALL, which is a major part of drinking. Sure you go out to get a beer by yourself or something every once in a while. But, it's kinda crazy to just sip on one beer during a movie. Eventually, you will have to get up to get another so you're just constantly getting up to get more alcohol during a movie? That would be so fucking annoying. You're overpaying for anything at a movie theater, so you're overpaying for shitty alcohol to watch a movie. And I don't mean sitting at home with a glass of wine watching a movie, that is completely normal. I am talking about being IN the theater.

Theaters are also quiet. So why would you wanna get drunk by yourself when you can't talk to anyone? Then you're just an asshole causing a disruption in the theater. Just get a ginormous popcorn and huge slushee like an adult.

PS: Klemmer said he doesn't drink at sports events either, which I think is crazy. It is VERY different to drink at a sports event than at a movie theater. Sports events are loud, social, and you don't have to disrupt other people to get a drink. I cannot imagine NOT drinking at a sports event honestly.