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Deion Puts An End To The Henry Blackburn/Travis Hunter Controversy With An All-Time Classy Response

I know, you're probably thinking "Not another Deion blog!" Unfortunately, we're in the pageviews business here and this is as pot of gold as it gets. But really, love this move here from Deion at his press conference today. Henry Blackburn has been subject to a lot of death threats after what the incident with Travis Hunter that we've covered about a bunch here on the blog:

Everyone of course is going to hunt down the kid who stopped the most electric player in college football. Even Travis Hunter hopped on his Twitch livestream and said he wasn't mad at him:

But that's what makes Deion the GOAT. He's boisterous sure, but push comes to shove, he's thoughtful and honest. A real leader in every sense of the word. Deion's critics usually harp on the fact that he probably doesn't care about anyone but himself, but he's proven a bunch of times that's not the case. Going public with this and offering support for an opposing player who did something dumb is pure class in every sense of the word. That's my coach!