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I Now Think Travis Kelce Is Using Taylor Swift For Clout

Jay Cutler apparently wasn't the only NFL star Kristin Cavallari's had eyes for over the years ... she just admitted she had a fat crush on Travis Kelce as well!!

"You've probably heard the term 'TV crush,' right?" the reality star told Kelce on her pod. "Like, you know what a TV crush is? It's when you see someone on TV, you probably haven't met them yet but you just have this like little crush on them? You were 100 percent my TV crush when this show was on."

Oh, now Travis is doing podcast appearances? Talking crushes? Please. When am I going to learn to trust my gut on people like this? Everyone told me, "oh he's a good guy, he's not a jerk, he's soooo cute with his niece" MY ASS. This man has done nothing but bask in the glory of all of these Taylor Swift rumors, "laughing about" all of the puns made this past weekend during football:

"Well played," he says. Yea, well played by YOU Travis, fanning the flames of these rumors when you guys probably got dinner like what, ONE time? Taylor is yet again, in the middle of announcing a HUGE rerecorded album, dropping vault track hints left and right, and she's headline news everyday because of FUCKING TRAVIS KELCE? And he's just yucking it up with Kristen Cavallari now. La dee dah, he's swimming in women! JUST LIKE HE WANTED. 

If we don't hear anything positive about him FROM TAYLOR (Tree) soon, then I am officially going back to hating him for being arrogant, obnoxious, showboating Reality TV wannabe.