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Now That's Rasslin': Japanese Wrestlers Break Out Into A Match While Riding A Bullet Train

Typically you'd probably consider it a bad day if a bunch of slightly out of shape old dudes with bizarre haircuts in their underwear started to fight on your commute home from work. You'd think to yourself that we really need to do something about the homelessness crisis in this country. Not necessarily because you feel bad for them, but because it's just become a nuisance and an inconvenience to yourself. It's okay. We're all selfish pieces of shit when it really comes down to it. 

But when it's a Japanese pro wrestling event? Well now it's the best ride home of your life. Now you don't even care if you end up with a cheek full of belly sweat from a 50-year-old man bumping up against you in his underwear. Have to miss your stop because some dude is getting his nuts smashed in what appears to be a classic case of stand up 69? You're not immediately rushing to Facebook to complain about that. You're posting that shit to your Instagram story to show everybody what a sick day you're having. 

Admittedly I'm not a huge wrestling guy. Haven't actually watched any of it since the early 2000s. But wrestling is all about suspending disbelief. And if you can get an entire train car full of people to watch some sweaty, half-naked old dudes fight in the aisles without immediately losing their shit? Well then that's some pure rasslin' right there. 

Sidenote: Probably wouldn't work out as well in America.