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Waka Flocka Has To Retire From Video Games After Losing A Mortal Kombat 1 Match To A Streamer That Was Playing BLINDFOLDED

Look, I know that these streamers are absolute assassins at the games they play and getting into the virtual ring with one of them is like lining up across from Micah Parsons on the gridiron (other than Smitty, sorry General). But I feel like you have to hang up the controller once somebody beats your ass in a video game while blindfolded. I don't care if they live in the Matrix like most of these streamers do or created the damn game. There is no coming back from being beaten and then fatality'd by a blindo being told which way his character is looking through shoulder taps as an entire crowd chants your name.

I'm not even taking shots at Mr. Flocka because my washed ass would've gotten flawless victory'd by that blindfolded dude. In fact, I had so much trouble simply playing some of the newer games my kids downloaded on our PS5, I Googled "new games for old people". Do you know how down you have to be to type something like that into the internet? I didn't even use Incognito Mode either because I was finally being honest with myself. Hopefully Waka does the same. I mean how do you not just keep doing the sweep kick until his energy hits 0? That's Day 1 Mortal Kombat stuff.

Speaking of which, I haven't played a Mortal Kombat game outside of a match or two since MK3 was on Sega Genesis. However i's nice to see that the fatalities have evolved with the times to the point it's like a mini horror movie every single time and I hope they can all be done by just pressing a button instead of a stupid combo you have to look up and memorize.

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P.S. Thank God this news came out today because it's a video game my shitty brain can probably comprehend and I can definitely beat my kids in a game of Keepy Uppy on the PS5.