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'Apparently There's A Lot Of People In Vegas Pissed Off About The Decision' - Sean McVay Gave An Incredible Breakdown About The Rams Ridiculous Cover

[Source] - “What we were trying to do is we were trying to be able to get a completion to where we kicked the field goal beforehand with the opportunity to be able to . . . if we had hit that deep in-breaking route, it really would’ve worked out the way that we wanted to,” McVay said. “We were going to try to kick a field goal once we got into field goal position to then be able to kick an onside and try to give ourselves the real opportunity to win the game. By the time it got down to it, [I] didn’t anticipate that in-cut that we hit Puka [Nacua] running that long and just said, ‘Alright, go ahead and kick the field goal.’ [I] felt like it was an opportunity to be able to not leave Matthew [Stafford] susceptible to an unnecessary heave to the end zone and get an opportunity for our field goal operation. The initial goal was to try to get a two-for-one to where you end up getting into field goal range a little bit earlier with some of the play selections that we had and then ultimately be able to try to have an onside kick to then be able to go try to compete to tie or win the game. Apparently, [V.P. of communications] Artis [Twyman] told me there’s a lot of people in Vegas pissed off about that decision. I clearly was not aware of that stuff.”

I love this from McVay. Give a fully long-winded answer explaining everything in great detail and instead of saying things like hey tiebreakers matter, go with Vegas is pissed at you. That's how you deliver an explanation when it comes to one of the greatest cover plays we've seen in the NFL: 

Good news for McVay is for every pissed off person, you have someone in your corner: 

Smart to throw in that you weren't aware of the situation. That's just PR 101 in a league that loves gambling and tries to hide it with suspensions. That said, I don't get why coaches can't be aware of the spread. It's everywhere. It's on pregame shows, they talk about it during games, it's honestly everywhere you look these days. Why can't we act like everyone knows what the spread is? If you can't win the game, go play for the cover.

I sort of wish McVay went even more winded with this answer. Give out the actual play call. Give us all the options Stafford had for the throw. Just keep on going to piss people off even more because it makes me laugh. Plus, it's all gambling karma. We talk about it all the time. For every bad beat like this if you were on San Francisco, you're going to get one back. It's how it works.