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The West Virginia Football Team Joining It's 60,000 Fans To Sing "EAT SHIT PITT" Together Was Truly Beautiful

If this isn't the most beautiful sight and sound available on planet Earth, then can someone point me in the right direction? My God there is simply nothing better than College Football. I know the suits down at the television networks have done their best to ruin the game, and I know the big wigs on college campuses have tried to censor the fan bases from using vulgar words in their songs like LSU did with Neck, but that news must've not made its way all the way out to West Virginia just yet. Because filling in the gaps of Sweet Caroline with 60,000+ people echoing "EAT SHIT PITT" is truly a work of art. And the gameday crew at the stadium in Morgantown knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they put on the song. Credit to WVU and their staff for still having the balls to have some fun in these trying times of this great country, even if it offended the poop eaters of Pittsburgh.

And it wasn't just going on in the stadium this weekend either. Sweet Caroline was playing up in the mountains all the way from West Virginia weddings:

To the local bars:

Man, nothing brings people together quite like a hatred of a rival. We need more common hate in this world today. It's the only way to bring people together anymore.

And the concert didn't stop after Sweet Caroline played in the 4th quarter, either. After WVU beat (and covered) vs their rivals on Saturday, the players Lambeau Leaped into the crowd for a rousing rendition of Country Roads, performed by the entire fucking state.

Alright I've seen enough to call the fight. I'm officially declaring West Virginia the best musical atmosphere in all of college football. Fucking electric atmosphere.