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Baker Mayfield Is Significantly Outplaying Deshaun Watson For Only 222 Million Dollars Less

Listen I'm not saying that Baker Mayfield is a better quarterback than Deshaun Watson, but I am saying that he's not $222,000,000 worse than him. Yes, the sample size is small. Yes, Baker has played the Vikings and the Bears. Yes, Deshaun has had to play the Bengals and the Steelers. But the fact of the matter is that Baker and the Bucs are 2-0, while he has turned the ball over ZERO times. Deshaun on the other hand literally cost his team a football game last night with his inability to not only score points for his team, but his uncanny ability to score points for the other team. The Browns defense gave up 12, and Deshaun Watson gave up 14. NOT GOOD.

And to throw fuel on the fire, the Browns ran Baker out of town to be allowed to trade three 1st round draft picks, mortgage their entire future, make their fanbase cheer for a bad guy, and guarantee $230,000,000 to be allowed to start Deshaun Watson at quarterback. That sucks. So the least that he could do is not be fucking terrible. Like, I'm not asking him to be the best QB in the league, or even Top 5. But after 2 weeks, I'd like him to be ranked in the TOP THIRTY in a few categories.

Talk about a bad investment. With Kenny Pickett and Zach Wilson in the league, I'm pretty sure I could be the 30th best QB in the NFL, and I'd do it for like 100K. Deshaun is making us pay him 230 MILLION to do it.

This actually makes me feel bad for Baker. Let's be clear: I'm not saying he was great, let alone good. But he did fire up this fan base and completely change the culture from perennial losers to WINNING A PLAYOFF GAME IN PITTSBURGH. Let that sink in for a second: Baker Mayfield won a playoff game in Pittsburgh. Deshaun Watson took a substantially more talented team to Pittsburgh, where the Steelers are currently tanking, and lost. Because he threw a Pick 6 and dropped a scoop and score. Handed the defense 14 points in a game we lost by 4. The Steelers literally gained negative 7 yards in the 4th quarter, but they came back to beat the Browns. Deshaun Watson would've been better off taking knees on every play in the 4th quarter than what he did while trying to win. So yeah, Deshaun deserves all the heat and the unfair comparisons with Baker this morning. This team would be 2-0 with Baker Mayfield starting at quarterback...