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Alex Pereira Almost Sent His Son To The Shadow Realm After Being Pranked (Bonus: Pranksters Getting KO'd)

Popping out from behind a door to scare a sibling? Hilarious. Almost always. 

Popping out from behind a door to scare former UFC Middleweight Champion Alex Pereira, though? 

That takes some real BALLS, whether he's your father or not.

Giphy Images.

This has gotta be the kid who clowned Adesanya (and then later got clowned himself) after the KO, right?

Little man has grown up with such a strong sense of security (knowing that his dad will quite literally kill anybody who even messes with him) that he forgot ol "Poatan" could end him with one punch in a split second. He even went the extra mile and threw on a morph suit that made him look straight outta a Guillermo del Toro flick. Insanity.

P.S. Here's an all time classic viral video where the prankster actually gets what's coming to him….

….and here's a modern day "prankster" getting knocked out so fast he didn't even realize he got punched….

….and here's a video of a prankster eating a Francis Ngannou-Alistair Overeem level uppercut from a security guard….


P.P.S. I think there's a good chance this video is fake/staged by Pereira and his sons but I'm gonna choose to believe it isn't. For the pageviews.