Bryce Young Is Making Short Guys Everywhere Look Terrible Since He Can't Run QB Sneaks And Has No Idea Who The Center Is

Think it has to be asked. Is Bryce Young too small to know where his center is? That's the biggest storyline, right? Everyone wants to talk about Young is a shrimp. Dude can't even see over the microphone at press conferences without a step stool. Do you know how rough life is for short to average height guys? We catch hell all over the place simply because there's not a 6 in front of our height. Trying to find the right angle if everyone is standing is basically the one thing we're great at. That or dribbling because the ball stays low to the ground anyways. Other than that? Life is hell and Bryce Young is ruining it even more for us. 

Now he's out here getting shoved by Miles Sanders to line up under center. Not exactly the hot start you want from your number 1 pick. But, hey, at least Frank Reich believes!

Any time you can be in the bottom of the list in QBR, passer rating and completion percentage, you have to love what you see. Not sure how you feel about him having no idea where to line up in an important moment in the game. But, hey, you gotta support your guy! Speaking of which. Is it a good thing if you're the only team who can't run the tush push because your starting QB is too small? 

[Source] - What to do on third-and-short. The Panthers can't use the quarterback sneak because Young (5-foot-10, 204 pounds) just isn't big enough to make that work. Plus, he doesn't have experience at it. So Carolina had to bring in backup quarterback Andy Dalton on those plays. The first time there was a false start. The second time Dalton pitched to running back Miles Sanders for a first down. But this could be an issue moving forward. 

Andy Dalton short yardage specialist is not something I expected to see in his career. But here we are. This is what you get for taking Bryce Young number 1 overall. You can't run the most successful play in the NFL - at least until they decide to ban it. Having to bring in Andy Dalton to try and sneak is just fucking hilarious though. That's Panthers football baby.