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We Get Our First Real Villain In The Writer Cup And It's Probably Who You Expected It To Be

Boy does The Writer Cup starts off with a bang...or a tap in putt depending how you slice it. The real controversy starts on the 3rd hole where a rules issue comes into play and it carries over for the entire rest of the round. Everyone ... and I mean everyone gets involved. It goes so far that Dan Rapaport makes a call to Joel Dahmen about an official ruling and he makes the very funny mistake of asking "Well it depends how serious the match is, is it serious?" Maybe the line of the day when you think about this poor guy having absolutely no idea just insanely petty this match got, and how petty the 3 days got... and this is match 1. Objectively very funny to have this poor guy pick up a phone call from a friend and get roped into being the judge and jury of a literal war on the golf course. 

If you are trying to figure out who the controversy centers around I think it's pretty safe to guess that if anyone was going to play the villain it would be Kirk Minihane. Now listen, for whatever reason he's been pinpointed as someone the general public at Barstool seems to have issues with. I am very much a Minifan and would go so far to say is he not only one of the most entertaining people at this company, I would say he's one of the most entertaining people in the world. A true leader, a Trivia savant, and a role model ... but that's just me. Everyone else wants to see him fail ... heavy wears the crown I guess is how the saying goes. 

Anyway ... a rules question comes into play and EVERYONE goes at it. Dave and Kirk go at it, Francis and Kirk go at it, Me and Dave go at it, Arian and Kirk go at it, Kirk and Arian go at it, Dave and Hank go at it. It's a royal damn rumble out there. 

You can sit on either side of the ruling but the real fact remain that if this is how the Writer Cup starts on Match freaking 1 ... you are going to want to watch the rest of these as the intensity only increases. I can't wait for it.