The Browns Have No Other Choice Than To Trade For Jonathan Taylor And Save Their Season

Okay so despite the Browns turning in perhaps the most embarrassing football performance in NFL history last night, the sun came up again this morning and there's a lot of ball left to play. I know it feels like the season is already over with the Nick Chubb injury, but the fact of the matter is that we're 1-1 in a division that looks a whole lot less intimidating than it did a few weeks ago. So while I want to lay in my bed and cry like the rest of Cleveland because our best player is hurt, our quarterback is overpaid and terrible, we have zero draft picks, and we just lost to a team that I'm pretty sure was trying to lose.....I'm going to lead by example and get up and look for solutions, not problems. 

Now, I want to be on record as saying that none of this matters anyways if Deshaun Watson doesn't get his head out of his ass, but this team is in need of a running back to replace our All-Pro running back. The good news is that there's another All-Pro running back that is in the midst of fighting with / not playing for his current team. If the Browns don't call the Colts first thing this morning and kick the tires then this team isn't serious about winning. Because at the end of the day, if you thought the Browns had the weapons to be serious contenders two days ago, then substituting Jonathan Taylor for Nick Chubb doesn't change that at all. It would help our football team, rejuvenate the mojo that we lost last night in the locker room, and fire up the fan base. We have to go get him. 

And I love that he's staying ready:

What would it take to get him to Cleveland? There's so many variables involved that I don't even know where to begin. Like, on one hand he's only 24 years old and he's led the NFL in rushing. He should cost a lot! But on the other hand, the Colts don't want him, so he shouldn't cost very much at all. What's the price for a running back (who the NFL has determined isn't overly valuable) that wants to leave and his team wants to get rid of him?

The good news is the Browns have plenty of cap space if needed. The bad news is the Browns have zero 1st round draft picks because we used them all to bring in a quarterback that scores more points for the other team than our team. So I'll let Andrew Berry handle making a package appealing enough for the Colts, but if he can't do that, we have to bring someone notable in. Here's my list of wants:

#1. Trade for Jonathan Taylor


Distant #2. Sign Leonard Fournette

#3. Bring back Kareem Hunt

#4. Trade for Cam Akers

Those are our only options. I've seen people say go get D'Ernest Johnson back from the Jaguars, who have him as 3rd string. Uh, no. And Jerome Ford isn't the answer either. This team needs more than a running back right now. It needs a kick in the ass and a reminder that we can still fucking do this thing. Go get Jonathan Taylor today and make a statement that this season isn't over.