You Will Be Able To Bid on The Beatles Unreleased Recordings

SOURCE - The big-ticket item is a collection of never-before-heard recordings from the iconic group, including band rehearsals at John Lennon's Kenwood home and even pieces of unreleased albums, all on 6 tapes. It's all expected to grab anywhere from $300,000 to $500,000.

This is extremely cool, and something that I know anyone in the world would wanna get their hands on. The Beatles were a staple in my household so I was listening to them a lot growing up. The tapes were obtained by a man named Phil from Charlotte. Yeah, that's all it says. Phil. No last name or anything. 

SOURCE - The legendary tapes were obtained by a memorabilia collector named Phil from Charlotte, and he tells us he got the recordings 5 years ago from a man in India, who says he first secured them from Derek Taylor ... the group's former press officer who was often dubbed the "Fifth Beatle."

I wonder if Phil needs his identity hidden so people don't come after him for the tapes. These aren't just musical recordings though. There are apparently some conversations being held between band members, which is kinda crazy. It kind of feels like an invasion of privacy but I guess that is something that comes with the price of being famous. 

Bettmann. Getty Images.

SOURCE - There are a ton of Beatles gems throughout -- including rehearsals for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which has things like animal sounds for "Good Morning Good Morning" and even John and Paul McCartney complaining about the heat.

That's not all, there are also recordings of George Harrison's unreleased album with The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, almost 2 hours of Yoko Ono's "Primal Scream Therapy" -- yeah, really -- and an unreleased collab album with Yoko and John. There's also an extremely personal and revealing 45-minute interview where John questions Yoko's motives for being with him. It was recorded in 1969, the same year they got married.

I find this so WILD!! It is really so cool when you get to hear some undiscovered stuff many years later from such an iconic band. 

If this happened when I'm older and all the sudden One Direction has unreleased tapes for auction, I'M BIDDING!!! I would eat that SHIT up. I also would love to know the tea with John and Yoko. So if you're a diehard Beatles fan, this is perfect for you. Except you just need small amount of $300 - $500K. I wonder if whoever buys it will release them for the public to hear. I feel like I would want to show everyone in the world, but then they wouldn't be as valuable. So sorry, the 1D unreleased tapes will be for my ears only.