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Another Day. Another Dollar. Another Hit Piece

So I woke up this morning to another hit piece from a no name struggling "journalist" trying to get some cheap clicks by using my name in an article.  Another day another dollar.  Now old Dave would have gone ballistic on this guy and wished horrible things upon him.  I would have told him that he probably should have gone private on Instagram before starting a war with somebody he's never met over something that literally has nothing to do with him.  That I don't want to hear him cry about how the Stoolie bullied him after he threw the first punch and that he deserves everything he's about to get.   

I probably would have pointed out the time this chauvinistic pig got roasted on twitter for crying about getting rejected at a bar by a woman who brought a book to the bar and didn’t want to talk to him.



Or maybe I would point out how this clown has been obsessed with me since 2013.  2013!!!   Just seeing me everywhere he went because he has like a Fatal Attraction syndrome with me.  How he can’t stop thinking about how successful I am and what a failure he is.



Lastly I’d probably point out how 100% of the time the people who hate me have political posts on their social media about how much they hate Trump and how to properly wear a mask blah, blah blah.






But I'm older and more mature now so I'm not even going to give this clown the satisfaction of saying his name.   However there is 1 point I do have to bring up.  It's not even the outright lies he told about me in his article.  It’s not the fact he has taken virtually everything I've said or done wildly out of context.   That he just quotes the same tired articles from the same people who hate my guts.  At this point I'm used to that.  I've been online for 20 years straight.  I'm an open book.  The people who don't like me are never gonna like me and they are gonna twist the facts and truth to fit their narrative.  I've come to grips with the fact that will never change.

However how big of an egotistical self absorbed loser do you have to be to drag small pizzerias into your agenda?  Basically trying to shame them into bailing on my PizzaFest because of your hatred towards me?   Trying to make their lives more difficult.   Literally trying to take money out of their pockets?  Why?  Because you don't like me?   Because I’m more successful than you’ll ever be? Because I’m THE AUTHORITY on pizza and nobody gives a fuck about you?

Honestly let's forget the fact I raised 50 million for small business.  Let's forget the fact I've help hundreds of small pizzerias.   Let's give this guy the benefit of the doubt and say that everything he said about me is true.   This guy wants pizzerias to back out on their commitment to do this event days before it's going to happen.  After we've literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ovens, the venue, production etc.   After we've advertised the fuck out of it?  Then what does he expect to happen if pizza places drop out?  I’ll just happily let them go on their way?    Now don't get me wrong I'm not worried about any places dropping because I have close relationships with almost all of them and they love me.   But imagine if I didn't?  This guy is trying to create a war and headaches for these places and create a firestorm around them.  For what? Just so he can get a few clicks.   Don’t worry guys he’ll go eat 1 slice at your place if you fuck me over and try to ruin your reputation and business!     You want to talk about being the worlds biggest self absorbed cocksucker.   This guy is it.   Again thank god I have matured and I’m not even gonna blog this.

PS - Congrats to Jeremy.  He is probably gonna cum now that I have mentioned his name.   

By the way PizzaFest is going to be the greatest pizza event in the history of mankind.   There are a few tickets still available.   Click here to buy before they are gone.