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UTSA Head Coach Jeff Traylor Wishes Kickers And Punters Could Still Smoke Cigarettes And Drink Beer Like The Good Old Days

I love this guy. He spent time talking about making a career change after a loss: 

Now he's bascially admitting he's watching Blue Mountain State and wishes it was still that way. You know, the glory days where special teams guys just drank beer and smoke cigarettes. I know he's talking about this in jest because he's had a punter hurt. He's joking around. He wanted to make that very clear. But it's still a great idea. Bring back the good old days! Beers and cigarettes for the boys and watch 60-yard bombs happen. 

I don't know what's stopping them from doing that. Look at Mizzou's kicker. You're telling me this guy doesn't house beer? 

Now back to UTSA, they are 1-2, QB Frank Harris is injured. You gotta switch up some juju. Starts with the special teams. People outside of Belichick don't talk about special teams. They are important. Start having them drink some beer on the sidelines. Just put it in the squirt bottle and no one will notice. You could get a sweet picture like Len Dawson