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There Is Now Apparently Footage Of The F-35 Crash Site In South Carolina And It May Have Been Hacked

Well that is a scary little footnote in that tweet. The Pentagon has been worried since 2019 that the F-35 could be hacked. Imagine being the pilot and all of a sudden China or Russia grabs the sticks of your $100M flying super war machine from the other side of the world and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Just rip cord and out. 

I still don't understand the official narrative that they couldn't find the jet for a few days. I mean my dog has a microchip. It cost like $80 to put it in him. If he ever ran away (he would never even walk away) I'd know his exact location within minutes. How you can build a $100M state of the art fighter jet and not have a "find my phone" feature built in is beyond me. 

I think we need to update the Geneva Conventions or whatever prohibits nuclear war, biological, and chemical weapons to include all computer shit. You want to fight a war, fine. Just don't do something like that turns off the air conditioning in my house as part of your war. That shit isn't fair. I would surrender as soon as the temps got above 79 degrees.