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Patrick Peterson And Wyatt Teller Getting Into A Dance Off On The Field After A Fumble Sums Up Last Night's Weird, Awful Game Perfectly

Last night's game(s) sucked. I think we can agree on that. I'm not going to complain about watching football, don't be silly. Just a fact those games were awful. I know it was close, but that was not entertaining good football. It was entertaining awful football. I'm also positive the first quarter was the longest quarter in the history of the NFL. I don't have a concrete fact there, just positive.

 Guess that's what happens when you get Kenny Pickett vs Deshaun Watson on primetime TV. Anyways, there weren't many highlights. We know what happened with Nick Chubb. We know about the potential pass intereference call that was missed to end the game. I even see people talking about Deshaun Watson shoving a ref: 

There's not a soul on earth who would defend Watson, but are we really losing our minds over that? That's a shove? My kids hit me harder than that. Toughen up, ref. Anyways, that's when I saw the clip of Wyatt Teller and Patrick Peterson breaking out in dance. Not just breaking out in dance. This is the 4th quarter after a Browns fumble. 

The only thing I can think of here is Teller is responding to Peterson by mocking his dance and pointing to the scoreboard? You can't be dancing and shaking that big ass after your team fumbles. Hilarious, but gotta do it at a different time. This is basically the NFL version of Shakira and J Lo: 

Feel like we need to put a panel in to somehow make primetime games better. I either want hilariously bad or just flat out awesome games. No more of whatever we saw last night.