Sidney Crosby Caught Trespassing Random Home In Pittsburgh

The NHL is currently going through an image crisis. The number one word used to describe the league lately has been "toxic". Whether it's the actions of the players, the behavior of the coaches and GMs, everything in the NHL has been labeled as toxic these days. 

So if the league wants to really make a concerted effort towards changing that, they need to send a strong message. I think suspending Sidney Crosby for an entire season for trespassing the homes of innocent civilians in Pittsburgh under the guise of delivering season tickets would have enough magnitude to effectively send that message. 

I mean just look at that family standing on the porch. They're terrified of this man. And out of the 7 yinzers on that porch, only two of them are wearing a Crosby jersey. You have 3 Guentzel jerseys, a Malkin, and a Dumoulin. Clearly Crosby wasn't first on their list for this delivery. But that wasn't going to stop this maniac from just waltzing up to their front door like he owned the place. Unhinged behavior, if you ask me. The great people of Pittsburgh deserve to feel safe at night and not constantly needing to look out of their windows in fear of Sidney Crosby breaking into their home. Maybe give him an 87 game suspension since he's so superstitious about it.