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VIDEO: Man vs. Bear, But The Bear Isn't The One Growling

So many people have seen this video, I always see this bear doing weird shit with a bunch of Russians so I was looking to find this bear to see if I could wrestle it as well. While doing that research I stumbled upon something pretty insane. The growling noises in that video are not coming from the bear, they are coming from the guy wrestling it. You see that guy isn't an MMA fighter or Russian bear handler. That guy is a death metal singer. That sound is his real voice. 

This dude is absolutely terrifying. I don't understand how a human can make these noises. Everyone thinks he's faking it but it's all natural. 

He even thinks death metal is getting pussified and wants to make metal brutal again. Like wtf 

He even decided to give himself a scar because he just wanted a cool scar and look like "a character from a movie".

What the hell is happening in this video

That blood might actually be real; he routinely makes himself bleed on stage with a microphone. I do not understand what the hell this whole aesthetic is but I am concerned if the bear tastes the blood it might try to eat him. Just one of the scariest dudes on the internet.