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Look Out Nashville: Will Levis Is Officially Single Again After A Split With His Girlfriend Who Took Over Draft Night

Nooooo. There aren't many things that get me in the blog game this late at night, but LOVE IS DEAD AGAIN. It makes you wonder if this was doomed to fail after Levis' draft woes and his girlfriend ended up doubling her followers and getting a deal with Burger King. What does this mean for the impending NFL career for Levis? If I know anything about anything, he's either going to have a Hall of Fame heartbreak comeback or this will ruin him as he falls in love with every girl at the Barstool Nashville bar. 

Levis is a Nashville magnet. That Morgan Wallen lyric "I shoulda stayed my ass at home, and left them Broadway girls alone" come true. A (near) first round type talent and the supposed future of the Titans not named Malik Willis or Ryan Tannehill and a face made for the Music City. With that being said, can we talk about Gia Duddy for a second? My journalistic research tells me she just moved to Nashville, presumably for Will, a month ago:

Talk about a bad beat. And I'm not totally sure what type of talent Levis will attract from this point on, but miss Duddy is probably one you wanted to keep around:

Staying with him all the way from Penn State to the NFL and not lasting past Week 1 of the NFL season is a bad beat all around. The good news is she's got her Burger King money and an influencing career and Levis has some potential to produce a good NFL career. I'm sure both are going to end up just fine. But love is DEAD.