Classic Movies With Male Leads That Would Be Better With Women

One of the coolest things about the modern world is how willing we are to change with the times. Back in the 90's, you rarely ever saw women in movies unless they were playing a love interest or a secretary. Or in porn (different type of love interest).

But times have changed. We've come a long way as a society. In 2016, a woman nearly beat out a reality television star with zero political experience to become President of the United States. And OnlyFans is fucking huge. But most importantly all our old classic sausage fest's of movies are being improved upon by female casts. Everybody loves it and America demands more of them. 

Here are movies (or shows) that would be better with all (or mostly) female-leads.

- Mayim Bialik was so much better than Ken Jennings. She wasn't nearly as awkward because she actually had an acting background. I thought for sure they'd make her the full time host.

James Bond
- Female James Bond would be significantly more effective, considering that James Bond's only weakness is that he was dastardly horny and all bad guys had gorgeous woman that he couldn't help but seduce (I think that's true I've never actually seen a James Bond movie). Also, I'm picturing the woman in Austin Powers who had machine guns in her breasts. I believe Austin Powers called them "machine gun jubblies". That would be bad ass.

Step Brothers
- Except it's Step Sisters. We wouldn't even have to write a script. Just give Melissa McCarthy & Amy Schumer a basic outline and let them cook.

The Blindside
- In college I had class with a girl and we got into an argument over whether or not a girl could play linebacker in the NFL. I believe at one point she said, "a woman could be Ray Lewis if she wanted to." She was right. She also went on to say how it was crazy that black men were given the right to vote before women. I'm not sure what her point was there. Seemed racist. I think she just got carried away with her takes. It was a bizarre conversation. Anyways, the movie is about a rich family that exploits a homeless woman who's good at sports for financial gain.


Saving Private Ryan
- Reimagine World War 2 if it were all women. Would be way more viscous.

The Apprentice
- Having Hillary Clinton do her own version of The Apprentice would be a very funny move.

Blue Mountain State
- Instead of a men's football team just base the show off of a volleyball team

United 93
- Same movie but it's a flight full of women. Mark Wahlberg plays the terrorist

Juwanna Man
- Except it's Juwanna Woman, and she dresses up like a man to sneak into the NBA and at the end there's a big reveal that the best NBA player of all time is actually a woman.

Brokeback Mountain
- That's just a no brainer