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After A Tumultuous Season, Adam Wainwright Has FINALLY Reached Career Win Number 200

This season hasn't gone away the way Adam Wainwright expected it to. And it sure as hell hasn't gone how St. Louis Cardinals fans expected it to. This is been a disastrous year for St. Louis. It still feels weird saying that. This is an organization that I'm just accustomed to always being good. But "good" has been a rarely used word in 2023 regarding the Cardinals. Adam Wainwright entered his final season a few wins away from the career milestone which is 200 victories. For the longest time, it seemed like he would never get there. But tonight, after twirling his best gem of the season, Wainwright has made history. 

Honestly, I didn't think that he would get there. Not including guys who have been called up to make spot starts here and there, Wainwright has been the worst pitcher in baseball in 2023. His fall off occurred fast. By the end of last season, Wainwright was still pitching some pretty good baseball. He even pitched some good innings in the World Baseball Classic before the season started, but he has been a hard-contact machine all season. It's genuinely been sad to watch. But through a lot of adversity came a really cool moment for Wainwright. Two hundred wins is not something that we're going to be seeing very often anymore. I think it's safe to say that 200 wins is the new 300 wins. The only difference is that I don't think Adam Wainwright will get into the Hall of Fame, whereas guys who have won 300 games (sans PED users) are all but a shoo-in for Cooperstown. 

Shit like this is why I just love the game of baseball. This has been one of the worst seasons in the history of the St. Louis Cardinals. Nothing has gone right. They sold at the deadline, and it's fair to say that they're transitioning into a new era. There's a lot of uncertainty. But even during a brutal campaign, you can still have these magic moments. Honestly, Adam Wainwright should just retire right now. I know he still has a concert to perform during the season's final week, but this is a fitting way for him to go out. I'm happy for him. He's always been one of baseball's good guys.