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Chris Olave Just Helped Put The Saints In Front With This INSANE Catch

Bro, these NFL games have been fucking brutal tonight. Maybe it's not my cup of tea, but I like points. I like high scoring shootouts. I understand that not every NFL game can be that, but based on what I've seen in these first two games, it's more awful offenses than it is great defenses. The one good thing that comes out of games like these is that all it takes is one spectacular play to turn the tide. We may have just gotten that in the Saints game.

For all the justified and understandable criticism that Ohio State quarterbacks in the NFL receive, it's the exact opposite regarding their wide receivers. That tree of elite wideouts will grow next year when Marvin Harrison JR goes high up in the draft. Chris Olave was one of those guys that haunted my dreams for a minute. He burst onto the scene with a big game in 2018 against Michigan. That game still breaks my heart, and he was sensational for Ohio State his entire career. Seeing him succeed in the NFL is not a surprise whatsoever. 

As I said, sometimes all it takes is one big play. The Saints finished this drive with a touchdown. Tony Jones Jr. punched the ball in near the goal line. 

The Saints currently lead 13-9 in the fourth. This is as wide-open a division as there is in football. The Saints can put themselves in the driver's seat if they can finish the deal here.