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Nick Chubb Has Been Carted Off The Field And The Injury Looks Really, Really Bad

So there's the wide angle version of the play Chubb got injured on, but both ESPN and I have decided not to show the up close replay. For those of you that want to see it, here it is. And for you real sick fucks out there, here's the grossest version. His knee completely snaps, Willis McGahee style. And am I crazy or is that not a dirty play? Fitzpatrick finds his knee like a heat seeking missile.

Anyways, I'm not a doctor but he's done for the year, obviously. And I'd have to say the Browns season is officially over, too. Nick Chubb is the heart and soul of this team. I don't care if we go out and get Jonathan Taylor, or if we bring back Kareem Hunt, this team lost a whole lot more than a running back tonight.

Update: Really bad

Why can't Cleveland have nice things? We looked so fucking good in Week 1. The Bengals look like dog shit. We're currently beating the Steelers, which would move us to 2-0 for the first time since 1993. Everything is lining up for the Season of Dreams, and Nick Chubb is now done for the year. And hopefully it's not career ending...

Low key bull shit tweet from Schefty there. Making it seem like he was breaking news, and then talking about something a decade old. Either way, yeah, he's done for the year.

**I do want to say two things about the Steelers fans tonight: 

1.) Credit to them for chanting CHUBB as he got carted off. Classy move from the rival

2.) The audible GASP that you could hear through the TV when the replay showed in the stadium was chilling