Dumbest Soccer Player In The World Got His MLS Contract Terminated For Playing In An Amateur League Under A Fake Name And Punching Someone In The Face

Pretty wild story here, but also for sure the dumbest guy in soccer. Matko Miljevic played for Montreal on a 2-year $1 million deal. Not too shabby if someone offers you a million bones to play a sport. But that all just got terminated. Why? Simple. Dude was fed up with not getting enough minutes for Montreal he went ahead and signed up for an amateur league under a fake name because a friend invited him to play.

Sure, who doesn't love a little pick up or men's league? Slight problem though. The MLS contract is pretty cut and dry that you can't do that. You know, liability and all that stuff. If that's not enough, dude got banned for life from that league because of the alias and the little ho-hum fact he punched a dude in the face. Do you know how goddamn stupid you have to be to 1) think you can get away playing under a fake name when you're a pro and 2) punch someone in the face during an essentially men's league? You are for sure a moron. 

I get pros are wired differently, but dude was making $545,000 this year according to capology. Maybe just embrace making a nice amount of money simply by sitting on the bench? Seems like a no-brainer to be rich and fight for playing time. A little thing called practice you could work on some shit and maybe get into the rotation? Just advice from a blogger and someone who never got his contract terminated for punching someone in the face. 

I just imagine this happening in any other sport. Dude on a two-way deal in the NBA shows up and plays in some amateur league to get run and stay in shape. Might be easy to tell who is the pro in that. Hilarious that he had 6 goals in three matches in this indoor league too. Unstoppable when playing against amatuers, something he might have to get used to now. Either way, dumbest soccer player in the world.