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Twitter/X And Elon Musk Are Again Contemplating Charging EVERYONE To Use The App In A Move That Would Surely Kill It Once And For All

Your long awaited dream might finally be coming true. The question now becomes how many people are going to stand on their high ground and not give into what they said they'd never do in pay to use Twitter. I genuinely think society might get a little bit better if they did this and killed off the app because no one is going to pay for it. Sorta reminds me of that one society meme that everyone uses:

Then again, we tried that little Instagram alternative Threads and it lasted all of two minutes, so maybe it's not going anywhere and people will still pay for it. Elon might just be playing chess while we're playing checkers. Or it's turned into a "how much profit do you want to lose on this $43 billion toy that you purchased" to which he just responds "Yes". 

I blame everyone who tweets "I can't believe this app is free". This is just God trying to tell you that it's time to finally get off the app. Or it's more fake news and you'll stay addicted to it for eternity. But fake news sometimes brings numbies and I will leave no stone unturned in the quest to get them. Carry on Elon!