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Dave vs Big Cat Drafting Their Golfers Was Total Chaos

I am not just saying here because I work here, of that I was there for part of the competition The Writer Cup is one of the most anticipated pieces of content ever released. The competition element of Barstool content is such a throwback to the original days that original stoolies will absolutely love. The Pizza/Burrito challenge, Goalie Challenge, 6-12-18-24 challenge, The Bro Show and a ton others I'm likely forgetting. Barstool had a great deal of competition that gets chippy, high level, and at times ... downright mean. It's very funny and very entertaining. The Writer Cup is just that except instead of just Dave vs Dan it's a team drafted by Dave vs a team drafted by Dan which means that many more personalities to play off of, blame, and compete with and against. Total chaos. 

I felt it a good idea to break down The Draft and The Captainship of Dave and Dan based off Episode 1. 

Let's first talk about "the deal" that really wasn't a deal. 

There's two sides of thought here. The first of which is that all is fair in the spirit of competition and that any deals anyone makes should never be taken seriously. The other school of thinking is that Dave has every right to be pissed as even Dan himself said he absolutely bundled the deal and went back on it immediately. 

I was a part of Dan's team but he mismanaged that "deal", and even he says it. Either way, cooler heads prevailed and the draft was able to get off without a hitch (other than the fact that Dave and Dan may never be able to trust each other). 

The biggest takeaway for each captain to me was this : 

Dave : 

There's no bullshit in terms of who's running the show. The line in the sand moment was declaring "if we win we will be betting the 30k, if you have a problem with that tell me now."

Right out of the school of Belichick. This is how we do things on Team Portnoy, and there's no wiggle room. Rule with an iron fist. 


Player's coach. Was seen keeping it loose with all the players, boosting up spirits, encouraging words, and showing a true belief in his guys. I call this The Mike Brey system. Brey was known for being "the most positive coach in the country." Always building up his guys and staying upbeat even in the most dire of situations. 

All we know right now is the rosters, but it's very clear these two teams will be run VERY DIFFERENTLY, and I can't wait to watch it all play out.