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I Hate These "Doubleheader" Monday Night Football Games Taking Place At The Same Time

Justin Casterline. Getty Images.

Tonight, we have two Monday Night Football games on. At 7:15, the Panthers play the Saints in New Orleans. An hour later, the Browns/Steelers game kicks off. Having these games going on at the same time kinda sucks. I want to watch both. It's the same set-up next week as well. Even worse on Week 14, there will be two games that kickoff at the same exact time.

I know Rico Bosco has 204 television screens in his house and can watch all the NFL, MLB and even WNBA games all at once. I am guessing most people reading this don't live in an Applebee's and can't pull this off. We have one television and then either are forced to flip around and risk missing plays OR prop up a laptop so I can "watch" both games at once. I don't even think that's really possible. If I try to watch two or more games at once, I end up not watching any games. 

Whatever the opposite of ADHD is what I have. I get very focused and have a hard time switching that to different screens. What's going to happen is I'll probably watch far too much of the first game because its ending earlier and I'll miss all but the fourth quarter of the Browns/Steelers.

Let's take a quick break to acknowledge the greatest song in any sports telecast.

That theme is so awesome. I don't care if it's the Texans playing the Cardinals, I'm going to get pumped up and excited when I hear that perfect song on my TV. Anyways, back to the blog…

I can always use more NFL in my life. I liked the doubleheaders they used do for Monday Night Football where you'd have an East Coast matchup at 7 and a West Coast one at 10. I stay up late anyway so the games ending at 1 don't make a difference to me. I know some East Coast people with kids bitch about the games ending late but what's the alternative? You can't watch both games anyway. They aren't going to start the games at 4 PM on a Monday so the only way to actually watch both games in their entirety is having one start after the first. Well, that doesn't apply to Rico or this guy:

Giphy Images.

I know some of you reading this will correctly point to the alternative of there being only one game on MNF and then one of these games gets lost in the shuffle at 1 PM. That's not an incorrect point. But if they are going to go through the effort of sending another crew and having this second game on, why not make it so we can watch both in their entirety?

I think I'll just be flipping around like a madman tonight between big plays or trying to time the commercial breaks. At least, you can get a little bit of a break when each game has their halftimes. I've decided I'll blame Roger Goodell for all of this. Hey asshole, thanks for making my Monday night less relaxing.