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Chandler Jones is Hurling Some DISTURBING Allegations at the Raiders, and it's Safe to Assume He Won't Be Joining Them for the Rest of Eternity

Chris Unger. Getty Images.

The situation between the Raiders and their third highest paid player Chandler Jones was already, to put it mildly, surreal. With the club sending a Crisis Management Team to his house and him making private texts between him and owner Mark Davis public:

But things have deteriorated further. Beyond repair, I think we can safely say.

Daily Mail - Jones was made inactive Sunday for his team's loss to the Bills, and the defensive end made some disturbing allegations to explain why he wasn't playing.

In a lengthy sequence of tweets, Jones accused Raiders owner Mark Davis of 'holding a huge secret,' and said he's been barred from the team's facilities since he allegedly found out his goddaughter was being 'molested.' 

'I wish I could play with my brothers, but marky mark is holding a huge secret that only I know!' Jones wrote before the Raiders' 38-10 loss. …

There is no evidence at this moment that Jones' claims are true. Mail Sport has reached out to the Raiders for comment.

The 33-year-old also said 'me and this man had an agreement,' and claimed a 'high class guy' was blocking him from contacting family. 

This is one of those paradoxical situations where you want to say so much, and yet at the same time don't want to say anything. It's someone making gravely substantial, serious allegations. But you have to point out he's doing it in the most unserious way. Even if there's something to what Jones is claiming that needs to be addressed, X/Twitter is pretty much the place on Earth to address it. 

All we can do is surmise that someone is in need of need of professional help. There's a child in grave danger, or a we've got a grown man on the internet making vague, obtuse references to a horrifying crime. But in the context of wanting to make money sacking quarterbacks. Either would be a terrible situation, even if only a sliver of it is true. And based on this tiny bit of information, the best thing that could happen is the authorities get very much involved, sort it out, and get whoever needs the support all the assistance humanly possible. 

The one thing we know to a moral certainty is that Chandler Jones days of playing for the Raiders are over. Even in the best case scenario for all involved, there's no coming back from having an employee imply on the internet that you're covering up a heinous crime against his goddaughter. No amount of athletic talent is worth that.