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Were the Dolphins the Biggest Losers In the NFL Yesterday?


Listen I know what people are thinking when they read this headline.  "Like hey Pres what the hell are you talking about?   Miami went into the 6 time Super Bowl champs house and beat them in primetime.    How did they have a worse Sunday than the Bengals, Bears, Lions or Jets?"


Well here is the reason why.   While the Patriots may have lost the battle last night, I think they may have won the war.  Trust me I've seen this movie hundreds of times.  Some hot shot team like the Texans wearing their letterman jackets coming into Foxboro and getting crushed.   Now I grant you the Patriots didn't "crush" Miami, but I do think they may have done worse.  Belichick has given the blueprint with that "umbrella" defense how to shut them down for the forseeable future.   Again I've seen this a million times.   The Colts, The Greatest Show on Turf, the Steelers, Rams again etc.   The Patriots unveiling a new defense that changes how other teams play against said opponent in the future.   Prior to this game everybody was saying the Dolphins were unstoppable.  That Tyreek Hill couldn't be stopped blah, blah, blah.  Did the Cheetah even play last night?   Seriously I think we gave the rest of the league the blueprint on how to stop Miami.   Everybody knows this is a copycat league and once somebody exposes your kryptonite it's game over.   So while novice Dolphin fans who have never seen a championship in their lifetime were celebrating yesterday's win these 6 time superbowl champs eyes told a very different story.  I think it may be game over for the Dolphins moving forward and they don't even know it.