The Trailer Promoting Blink-182's New Album Is Waterworks City


God damn, that was unexpected. I didn't think I'd be crying into my Stella Blue coffee at noon today, but here we are. It doesn't even matter if you aren't a blink-182 fan per se, listening to the guys reflect on what they've been through- Travis surviving the plane crash, Mark surviving cancer, and Tom surviving going crazy, ultimately all led them back to the band, a world tour, and what they are calling the best album they've ever made.

As someone who went to two blink shows on this most recent tour, I cannot stress how good they were. I saw them on the Take Off Your Pants and Jacket tour way back in the day and mostly remember it, but I was also 13 years old. I also saw them in 2009 and Tom was pretty fucked up during it. I had a blast obviously because any time you are drunk singing along to blink-182 it's great, but they left a lot to be desired. But this most recent tour was INCREDIBLE. Tom sounds better than he ever has, and Mark and Travis were great as always. I was so blown away by how good they were I got cucked after one of the shows and broke my foot after the other.

I can't wait for this new album. And hopefully this means another leg of the tour in the spring. I wonder what terrible thing will happen to me after I see them again!