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"I've Been Riding These Power Wheels For 9 Months And You're This First Person To Take Me To Jail" Says Dude Arrested For DUI Driving A Toy Jeep

Getting knocked as a grown ass man for DUI in a children's toy that goes 2.5 mph with a max weight limit of 130lbs is a tough look. You could have just, you know, walked and gotten to your destination the liquor store a million times quicker and safer. Gas is expensive, and something tells me this guy doesn't give two fucks about green energy. BUT, after reading the product description on Amazon, I understand how a man from Bumblefuck, Indiana found this jeep to be his go to mode of transportation. 

Amazon: Cool motor sounds, revvin' tunes, and flashy "chrome" wheels & accents

Turn up the Skynard in that bad boy and feel the ever so slight breeze go through your hair as you let the 12 volts of battery power take you down the road. This man got so comfortable using his power wheel as his main form of transportation for the last 9 months that he started to do the classic low life move of using your "car" as a storage unit for random shit and trash.

This Indiana man stays strapped with what looks like a box cutter, a knife, a green tea (probably whiskey), a G-2 pilot gel pen, and a zip lock bag full of who knows what, but in my experience zip lock baggies are for packing lunches and drugs. I need to know what is in the baggie almost as much as a I need to know why this man even needed a writing tool of any kind. Signing child support checks? MacGyvering it into something to smoke out of? He's so confident in his sudoku abilities he does his puzzles in ink? 

I completely understand this idiot getting arrested for driving drunk in a power wheel, and somehow he ALMOST makes the guy who got arrested for DUI over the weekend on horseback look like a responsible citizen. 

KTVU2 -  A California Highway Patrol officer arrested a man in Merced who was spotted riding a horse while carrying an open-container. Video of the incident shows the CHP officer escorting the horse-riding man down the road for a short period of time. The man appears to be slumped over at times and holding an open-container.