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IG Model Got Pissed Off On A Flight, So She Let The Entire Plane Know How Famous She Is On Instagram

This chick is fucking satan and I loathe her more than anyone I've watched on in the internet in a long, long time. If you show off or boast about having a large online following or being "Instagram famous", you are one of the biggest losers on planet earth I absolutely detest this woman on every single human level. 

I woke up pissed off this morning because the Bears are complete and total dog shit and Fields kinda sucks, so I needed something to hate on this morning. In walks this woman. I watched this 18 second TikTok and by the end of it had steam coming out of my ears. 

No idea what caused her uproar. I'm assuming it was something mundane and that there was nothing anybody else on the plane did to incite a reaction like the one she gave, because that's the type of person she is - a stuck up asshole who thinks everyone needs to bend the knee to her like she's a Khaleesi thanks to a bunch of horny pervs following her on the internet. 

I've seen it a million times. Gross people (on human level). On a physical level, not so gross: 

I hope her follower count plummets though just because I feel like hating things this morning, and to add fuel to my fire of hatred, she's EATING UP the attention she's getting on the internet, because of course she does. She's so into herself she's doubling down

What a complete and total asshole. Hate hate hate hate her.