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He Might Need Some Work With His QB Sneak, But It's Hard To Deny How Awesome Jordan Love Has Looked So Far This Season

Kevin C. Cox. Getty Images.

He's only faced the vaunted Bears and Falcons defenses, but so far Jordan Love has looked all the parts of a guy who can hold his own in this league. The stats are pretty: 29-52 396 yards 6 TDs 0 INTs 118.7 passer rating. The film for the most part is nice on the eyes as well. Let's just all agree to forget whatever this was. 

Love admitted he quickly checked to a QB sneak, but said the wrong "live word" so no one knew the play was a green light. You're going to get dumb mistakes and growing pains with a rookie QB. That was certainly one of them and it came during a crucial 4th quarter drive. Unfortunate timing, but we'll live. 

Let's get to the good. While these touchdown passes won't blow you away, they're nice composed throws that you love to see. 

I'd say most starting QBs outside of like Justin Fields are capable of making these reads and plays. I'm not gonna blow my load here. Again, they're certainly good things. 

But this throw to the corner of the end zone? Special. Knocked away by the DB in what was a great play, but it doesn't mean we can't be impressed by the throw. 

Love's attempted go-ahead drive with under a minute left fell on deaf ears, but this ball below was on the money. WR just doesn't come down with it. but that window to fit that ball in was as small as can be. Dime. 

The kid has legit arm talent. If you're one of those trolls saying he doesn't do anything that jumps off the page you're just wrong. 

While the Packers defense looked great against the Bears, that might have had something to do with the inept Justin Fields. Ridder looked horrendous in the first half, but he got things together when it mattered in the 4th. Probably helped that the Packers failed to cover or even acknowledge Bijan Robinson on the field. 

Joe Barry is a war criminal and should be tried for his crimes. We know this. It was only a matter of time before Jordan Love learned this up close. That man at the helm is a problem. 

But back to Jordan Love! Look at this gazelle use his legs to get a first down. Beautiful 

And the numbers? They back up the visuals. 

It's still crazy early, but all of this is super encouraging. Love never really looks rattled or in way over his head. You'd think taking over for Rodgers and being handed the keys to a franchise after waiting in the wings for years would garner some pressure. If he's feeling it he's not showing it. He's got arm talent, athleticism, and poise. Can't ask for much more than that. Things will get tough no doubt, but you also have to factor in he was without Christian Watson, Aaron Jones, and David Bakhtiari yesterday. He also hasn't played a home game yet. He'll finally get that opportunity next Sunday against the Saints. 

P.S. Is it shitty to say the Rodgers injury helps ease the immediate pressure with Love? If Aaron was lighting it up with the Jets right now the background noise with the new Packers QB would be a lot louder. He's playing great and the critics are as quiet as can be. Let's just practice QB sneaking this week please. 

P.P.S. I said this when the 2020 draft concluded, but the AJ Dillon 2nd round pick might have been worse than trading up for Love at the time. I don't think I can stomach watching that dude trip over his own feet or the field the moment he touches the ball. Please get healthy Aaron Jones.