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#HealthyDebate You Are A Certified Moron If You Travel Out Of State To A Game And Get In A Fight

NY Post - A bloody brawl between fans broke out at the Jets-Cowboys game Sunday.

Tempers flared when multiple fights took place on the concourse at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, leaving some fans and the floor covered in blood, according to a video on X (formerly Twitter) posted by @Maynard29Jim.

Two guys wearing “b—h I’m a Jet” shirts were seen teaming up another man, who was wearing a Dak Prescott jersey.

The Cowboys fan appeared to be bleeding from his left eye before he and the other two Jets fans fell to the ground.

The video also captured a separate fight nearby, during which two men were rolling around on the ground.

Meanwhile, event staff and other Cowboys fans rushed to the bloody clash and tried to separate it.

This isn't so much as trying to show the bloody details of this fight, or harp on the blow by blow breakdown from the scrap. It's more to take a hard stance in a #healthydebate about fighting at games in general. Now I'm not someone with their head in the clouds and pretends that fights don't exist, nor am I taking the stance that fighting should go away in general. I do agree with that statement, however I understand that with 100,000 people in a stadium two assholes are bound to find each other and will end up throwing blows. There's an old adage "assholes gravitate to assholes" (shoutout Bernie Luney) and there's never been a more prime example than at stadiums. While fighting will never go away, there has to be some kind of line with how people conduct themselves. 

For example, the fact that people go to a game LOOKING for a fight is psychotic behavior.  Now I do think these people are in the minority of fans in the stadium. I think mostly all of the people with their head on their shoulders go to a game to have a good time, relax etc, but the problem is they are mixed in with the one or two assholes wanting to fight which ends up being a nightmare. 

Here's my real big takeaway though. Now I get that emotions and cocktails can get the best of you and sometimes people are pushed to a breaking point, and that they should be able to retaliate if someone starts with them, but you HAVE to think about all the factors in play here and ESPECIALLY if you are a fan who traveled to the game and AVOID THAT FIGHT AT ALL COSTS. Think about it, you spent money on the tickets, the airfare, the hotel etc and you are potentially going to be detained for extra days, miss work, have legal fees and deal with legal repercussions to fight at a football game ? Use your head dude. Avoid it at all costs ! It's amazing how these fights just keep happening and these people don't weigh out the risks. Morons. 

Then again ... if you show up to a game in a "Bitch I'm A Jet " shirt maybe you have no common sense as it is.