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Justin Herbert Has Choked Away His Last 3 Games, But People Still Make Excuses For Him

I almost feel bad being this right about Justin Herbert. I get that his defense isn't very good and his coach is a moron, but with the weapons he has he continually doesn't get it done when it matters most. We all remember how he couldn't nail down a 27-0 against the Jags in the playoffs. Well, it's only continued so far in 2023. But he has cool stats! 

Also do not ask Brandon Staley about the Jaguars game or he will freak out. 

I think someone is lashing out after knowing he should have been fired this offseason and now starting the year 0-2. Don't look up the stats when teams start 0-2 because it does not go in your favor. 

Last week 2 minutes left just couldn't get it done against the Dolphins when it mattered. Then yesterday had the ball in OT and yet again could not get it done against a Titans team that is very mediocre. We can all admit Herbert has the talent, but he doesn't have that clutch gene that will ever put him over the hump. It is really weird that nobody comes after him when he doesn't get it done. He has the longest leash from the internet I have ever seen. It is funny that people pick and choose who they want to tear down. Baker Mayfield starts the season killing it nobody is saying a word. If Dak Prescott kept choking like this their fans would be looking for a new QB. I guess he is lucky nobody is actually a Chargers fan and cares about the team because people would be all over him. He will always put up stats but he will never win you big games in big spots. Keep living in denial because he can't come back from 28-7 like Daniel Jones.