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El Chapo's Wife Was Seen Ripping It Up At An LA Club Days After Being Released From Federal Custody On Drug Trafficking Charges

Source - The wife of notorious Mexican cartel boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán partied at a Los Angeles club days after she was released early from federal custody over drug trafficking charges.

Emma Coronel Aispuro, 33, arrived at an event put on by her attorney, Mariel Colón Miró, at the Lynwood venue El Farallon Friday night with an entire entourage by her side, TMZ confirmed.

Enjoying herself on a couch in a private VIP section of the club surrounded by a massive presence of security, the former teenage beauty queen was seen sipping on drinks and making up for lost time with friends.

“As soon as I get out I’m going straight to FARALLON,” the club, located south of Los Angeles, captioned the post of Coronel Aispuro on the red carpet.

The outlet reported she was mostly left alone throughout the night as she began her adjustment to life outside federal custody.

Here's an honest you go up to her? Like if you're a single guy and you see this attractive woman from across the club surrounded by you go up to her? The answer is no, right? And once you find out it's El Chapo's ex-wife then it's a definite no. Even if she calls you over, you have to avoid her. For all you know Chapo still thinks they're married. That and who knows what kind of freaks she's hanging out with. The party itself was put on by her lawyer which is a mega warning sign. As is the fact that she was married to the most notorious drug trafficker of all time. Then again, saying you partied with El Chapo's wife could be worth the story.

Regardless, here's the video...

I guess her lawyer is also a singer who performs under the name of La Abogada. I'd make fun of her but I'd rather not look over my shoulder every time I leave the house. She's the same lawyer who temporarily represented Jeffery Epstein.  

As for Chapo's wife...if I were her I'd try and leverage my new found fame into a reality show. I'm sure VH1 is looking for new talent. If that doesn't work she can always put on 800 lbs and try for TLC. That's if for this one and remember, if you happen see Emma or any of her friends in the club, steer clear. The juice is not worth the squeeze.