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Zach Wilson Was Not The Problem Against The Cowboys

This is one of the very rare instances the stat line does not reflect the reality of what happened.

Zach Wilson had a bad day on paper, but the guy by no means is the sole problem with this offense. 

After watching the tape over Zach had 0 time, so much pressure, and the run game was nowhere to be found. 

I mean, how the hell does Breece Hall only get the ball 4 times after being the leading rusher in the league last week? Zach Wilson had the highest rushing yards on the team.

Zach Was the only offense out there. He was lowkey slinging it at times before he was trying to dig his way out of a loss and throwing up anything to make a play. 

All of his picks were due to pressure or late in the game desperate to make a play. Like Micah Parsons was looking to kill Wilson almost every play. Look at this one. 


Parsons blowing up the entire pass pro, Parsons one again obliterating Wilson. 

Wilson hung in there. The Oline was partially the reason Rodgers got hurt, and also the reason Wilson was late in the game throwing it up deep to his receivers. 

The thing is if Zach had a clean pocket, he might have been in a situation to help the Jets win. If there was better support in the run game that was just weirdly not used. At this point, I do not think Zach should be benched. The only difference between Zach and anybody else you would throw in there is that Zach extends plays that may end up being picks, but they also could be big gains, whereas anybody else just gets sacked. I don't know the math on it, but a 3rd down sack vs. a 50/50 1stdown/touchdown or pick. The expected value of the extended play has got to be more than a sack. We need Duane Brown back into shape, and maybe we don't play a team with Micah Parsons. This loss is more on Nathaniel Hackett than Zach Wilson. 

I mean who else in the league who you would replace Wilson with can make this throw with Parson's in his face?