There's No Doubt In My Mind That Sean Payton And Russ Are Going To Hate Each Other's Guts And It's Going To Be Hilarious To Watch Unfold

To quote Dante weekly here, I can feel it in my plums. Sean Payton and Russ are going to hate each other's guts. It's bound to happen. We're 2 weeks into this relationship and you already have quotes like this coming out after a loss. You already have talk about making Russ wear a wristband, something that's apparently a big deal because he refused to do it in Seattle. Then I remembered some of these backstories: 

Now, I know Russ looks better than he did a year ago, because that ain't hard to do. But for every tweet like this first one, there's a second story: 


Then you throw in the fact Sean Payton is used to Drew Brees. That's what he knows as a quarterback. Russ Wilson is a certified weird dude and you have that personality combined with Payton? It's going to be hilarious to watch unfold with his contract and if the Broncos keep losing. Payton left his cushy TV job to win games, maybe not in year 1, but there's gotta be some sort of improvement. Instead we're 2 weeks in and talking about how they need to get better and crisper. Some coach speak for sure, but come on, you know where this is heading. 

I'm aware of the Broncos defense, injuries to WR and all that. But if you don't think for Payton it starts with Russ or any quarterback he has, come on. He started his tenure by basically calling out Russ having a private coach. 

[Source] - Asked if Wilson could continue to have a personal quarterback coach -- Jake Heaps -- as well as other support personnel to work with the quarterback in the building, Payton was clear on where he stood.

"I'm not too familiar with that,'' Payton said when asked about Wilson having Heaps in the building with access this past season. "That's foreign to me -- that's not going to take place. I'm unfamiliar with it. Our staff will be here, our players will be here and that will be it.''

We should have all seen this coming. If not then, we should see it now. The only question is when does it start becoming public and more call outs happen? I can't wait.