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The Giants Offense Was So Good In The Second Half, Brian Daboll Was Forced To Deny That He Was The Genius Who Overtook Calling Plays

Until Saquon got hurt, this was the biggest storyline coming out of the Giants second half comeback against the Cardinals that saved their season. Again, not lying about that. You can't be 0-2 with a loss to the Cardinals before a quick turnaround to play San Francisco. Season basically over in that scenario. Luckily Coach of the Year and beautiful bald man Brian Daboll is an elite deflector. I'm not going to call him a true liar about play calling because this is out there: 

Now let me be clear. I don't give a shit who was calling plays, just make sure you keep doing it. The second half wasn't conservative. Shit at this point let Jalin Hyatt call plays if this is the outcome


Love that play. Keep letting Jalin Hyatt outrun everyone considering he's fast as shit. That play seems to work just fine. Again, it was a clear difference in the second half play calling. It wasn't dump downs and conservative shit. It was getting Daniel Jones out in space with the ability to make a play. He's shown he can do that. Let him run, let him put pressure on the defense. 

I don't give a shit if the Cardinals. A win in the NFL all counts the same. Now it's time to use that second half and actually look like a decent offense against real teams.