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I'll Just Go Ahead And Say It: Justin Fields Stinks

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Last year after 6-7 games, I was leading the "Justin Fields sucks" brigade into war: 

But then the Bears overhauled the offense and the Bears were fun-bad. Not bad-bad, fun-bad. They actually moved the ball with relative ease more often than not and the vibes going into the offseason were generally high.

- Year 3 of Fields
- New OL
- WR1 acquisition

Blah blah blah. Awesome. Now it's time to put up or shut up. Through two games, Fields has been dog shit: 

I'll be perfectly curt here: I always had reservations about Fields, even after he started to "go off" more starting with the New England game last year and even if I stopped obnoxiously verbalizing those reservations. He never once threw for 300 yards in a game and he was moving the ball with his legs more than his arm and to me, that was an issue until Fields himself proved otherwise. 

That, and I'm far from some adept football brainiac. I assumed those who said Fields was gonna be a star moving forward were right and I was wrong…but I'm not so dumb that I don't understand how vital the passing game is in today's version of the NFL. You just have to be able to move the ball in chunks through the air and when you want to. You have to. 

Fields never did that last year, and this year hasn't been any better. It's actually been nauseating. 

Now Fields has an all world arm; he makes some "wow" throws to all levels of the field. But there's zero consistency in his passing game and week over week we get slapped in the face with still shots like this one…

…Where he cannot see a wide open target. It's bad, very very bad. How can field vision still be an issue almost 30 starts into a QBs career? It shouldn't be unless that QB just has awful, awful field vision and cannot do anything to fix it. 

I'm not going to sit here and dissect his stats, analytics, or anything else. Don't even know how to do any of that with football. Instead I'm just gonna use my eyeballs and just gonna flat out say it - Fields sucks. 

And though the latter half of 2022 and less intelligent football minds tricked me into thinking Fields was "the guy", it's abundantly clear at this juncture that he is, in fact, not the guy and won't ever be the guy in any sort of sustainable offense. Don't care if Getsy flips that switch again in another week or two and the Bears start ground and pounding teams again. 

He's just not it. He's not. I'm sorry, but he's not. 

It sucks, I wish I were wrong, and I wish I weren't writing this. But Fields has completely fucking STUNK through two games, and he's stunk so much that people are starting to scream Tyson fucking Bagent's name from the cheap seats.

Yes, Tyson Bagent from Shepherd University. 


It sucks, but round and round we go. Here's the life cycle of a Bears fan: 

1. Draft QB, assume he's going to be "the guy" and lead them to the promise land
2. That QB sucks, so we fire the entire coaching staff and front office to get the proper staff and players around him
3. That QB still sucks, people want the backup or a veteran QB is acquired
4. That QB also sucks, the entire front office and coaching staff are fired and the QB rides out his next few years as a backup

Wash, rinse, repeat

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And that's not to say that Getsy and Eberflus and whomever else don't deserve a ton of blame. They def do. Shaq Barrett said the entire stadium knew a screen was coming on his game ending pick 6: 

Not fucking good. 

Idk what to do. Ride it out until the Bears are in their fancy new Arlington Heights digs kinda like how I'm riding out the Sox until Reinsdorf no longer owns the team? 

I guess just root for Carolina to lose every week and hope Caleb Williams is bust proof?

Someone tell me because I'm really fucking sick of rooting for losing teams. It hurts me in ways words can't describe. All I want is mediocrity at this point, and all I root for are embarrassing losers. 

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