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Bill Belichick Made Mike Tirico Piss His Pants Laughing, By How He Threw The Challenge Flag at a Ref Out of Spite Tonight

This is in the late running for meme of the year for sure. This gif of Bill waiting, and waiting for that line judge to come into his orbit with his Emperor Palpatine tractor pull, waiting further for him to glance in his direction or make eye contact, just so he could spike that flag right in his eyeball.

Just such a miserable prick it's amazing.

Tiricco freaking lost it watching this. Which made watching it live even funnier. 

It looked like everybody's little niece or daughter stamping her feet and throwing something down because you won't let her have any candy.

p.s. - i said in the brendan schooler fg block blog that pats highlights are going to be scarce this year. dave only blogs about the company, and jerry only blogs about where he wants belichick to finish on him (hint: his glasses), so somebody has to be the impartial one.

p.p.s. - A+ tweet from Stu per usual here.