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Sauce Gardner Is Having A Bad Day As He Deactivated His Twitter After Getting Cooked By Ceedee Lamb In The Jets Loss Today

Once again here comes my common sense department idea. Before a player tweets something they should go to their Common Sense Department and they get to say if it's good to Tweet it or not. He asks "should I get upset over a Dallas fan account?" and the Common Sense Department says log off dude.

If I was a player I don't think I would ever look at social media when I am making millions. Maybe only after I know I had a fantastic game and want to see all of my highlights, but you still can't check the mentions because people will still cook you no matter what. Sauce needs to realize he is one of the best corners in the game and needs to not bring any attention to himself like this. Deleting your entire account is never a good look. And plus, as long as Zach Wilson is the quarterback nobody will be blaming you for the Jets losing. 

I think he is more frustrated because he knows his season is already done. He is feeling like every fan right now knowing his season is fucked and this one tweet just set him off. It's probably better for Sauce to stay off Twitter if he can't handle it.

Breece Hall is going nuts too.

The Jets are falling apart all around. While he's right that it is insane to only give your best player 4 touches but it's never good to go on social media to talk shit about the team. But at the end of the day, these are the Jets I know.