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The Giants Are Not The Worst Team In Football...SMOKE'EM IF YOU GOT'EM!


*exhales, uncrosses fingers, cries a bit as a few drops of piss dribbles out of my dick*

Okay, as much as I want to celebrate the Giants winning that game, I know it came against the team with the lowest Over/Under Win Total in almost 30 years that is starting a supernerd at quarterback as they tank for Caleb Williams without tanking for Caleb Williams. However, I also watched those very same Giants get their shit pushed in by the Cowboys during a 3 hours stream last Sunday night and know that any win in the NFL is a blessing. So we are going to celebrate this dub no matter what.

Daniel Jones balled out, albeit against the worst team in football that was missing their best player in Budda Baker. The minute they opened up the offense, put the ball in his hands, and allowed him to take deep shots to Jaylin Hyatt (in the spots Budda would've probably been), everything changed. 

Saquon is almost definitely going to be out with yet another injury and the thought of what Nick Bosa & Co. may do to this offensive line on Thursday after their performance in the first half against the goddamn Cardinals honestly terrifies me. Double that for Kyle Shanahan's sick twisted offensive mind vs. the defense that had Josh Dobbs and James Conner looking like Kurt Warner and David Johnson for a bit. But even though I'm not looking forward to Thursday night, I would have been outright dreading it if the Giants had lost this game. 

The biggest takeaway from all this is that you should never apologize for your victories. It doesn't matter if you get a promotion at work, steal a win in fantasy, or watched a group of strangers you root for win a kid's game against another group of strangers. Cherish every minute of that win Giants fans and wear your Big Blue gear proudly on Victory Monday. At the very least, we can wipe off that look of shame that's been on our faces since that 40-0 debacle and not hate the shit out of football before things go back to All Madden on Thursday.