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The Rams Kicking A Field Goal With Four Seconds Was The Worst Beat Of The Day

Another Sunday, another gut wrenching bad beat in the NFL. Non gamblers even have to be impressed with the drama / moments that are provided each week in the NFL. Somehow, someway the oddsmakers have it down to be so close to the numbers whether it be spread or totals that a final play impacts the outcome. It’s not every time but man it sure does happen more often than not. 

Example # 7,419 was today when Sean McVay kicked a meaningless (but very meaningful) field goal as time expires to get inside the number (7.5) . Now you could say how stupid it was but his rationale makes sense. They need two scores. The clock would have certainly run out on a play to the end zone so kicking the field goal made sense to get the first score of the two you need. The only thing he did wrong was wait so long to kick it. 

Brutal brutal beat. 

Oh if you are new here you know these two had opposite sides. The only thing missing was one of their old fashion jinx offs.