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I've Never Been Happier That The Giants Made Me Look Like A Complete Idiot And Asshole

Credit to me. I'm not saying my blog was a reverse jinx or the fact I switched seats like it was Celtic Pride woke the Giants up, but I'll take the credit. Yes, I wrote this blog at halftime: 

Name one Giants fan who didn't feel the same. Just a quick look at my co-workers: 

We all felt the same. Then Danny Jones was - and I quote Clem here - Danny Muthafucka Jones. Dude played a damn near perfect second half. I don't care if it's the Cardinals, it was 20-0 in a must win game. That's not even me being overdramatic (again). It was a must win to beat the Cardinals with the schedule coming up for the Giants. Can't go 0-2 with a Thursday game against the 49ers. 

So, yeah, I looked like an asshole. I looked like an idiot. All worth it. I'll do it every game if I have to. That's the price to pay for a win, I'll do it. I offered Brian Daboll to punch me in the nose and belly, what's writing words on this here website and being called an idiot, even if everyone was getting off the same jokes. A win is a win. 

Oh, keep letting Jalin Hyatt run deep routes. Game changer right there that we figured out in the second half. That play should be used way more often.