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Jets Play Like A Jet For 13th Year In A Row As They Lose 30-10 To The Cowboys

Every Jets fan has seen that same kind of play pretty consistently since 2011. Maybe it was Geno Smith or Sam Darnold who threw it but the "Down by over 2 TD's panic throw INT" has become as much a staple of the New York Jets playbook as the shotgun or HB sweep.

Was that pick entirely Zack Wilson's fault? Does it even matter? This game was just a Xerox of the last dozen years of football. Defense plays well and makes you think the game is closer than it is. Opposing team gets a key TD or two and a zillion field goals. Jets get beat badly by a much better team.

The Jets lost this particular Deja Vu game 30-10 to the Cowboys. Does the opposing team matter? Does the year matter? It's the same story every fucking time. Good defensive Jets team loses game due to bad QB play. Obama, Trump or Biden can be president. Bob Saget and Leonard Nimoy can be alive or dead. None of it matters. The same thing will keep happening.

At least the Garrett Wilson touchdown was pretty cool. Of course, Garrett got hurt at the end of the game and spent time in the blue tent before leaving the field with a trainer. The biggest rule of being a Jets fan is you really can never enjoy anything. It always ends up causing pain.

Something to keep in mind is that the Cowboys might be really good. They beat the shit out of the Giants last week and just efficiently ripped the wings off the Jets in real time today. New York hasn't beaten this bad since the first Avengers movie. If the Cowboys are legit, the 49ers and Eagles might actually have some competition in the otherwise pathetic NFC.

I'm not ready to say this Jets season is over despite this loss. The Cowboys are clearly a better team but I'm hoping the Jets can take advantage of weaker teams and exploit some bad offenses. They have the Patriots at home next week and that's a game they have to win if the Jets have any post-season aspirations. Even with this loss, they are 6-3 when Breece Hall plays. Then again, I had almost as many rushing yards as Hall did today. He'll need to show up on Sunday.

There was always going to be a coming back to Earth game after the emotional win last week. I was just hoping it wasn't going to look like this.

Giphy Images.

But the facts are the facts. Zack Wilson did throw 3 INT and only had 170 passing yards. The Jets lost 30-10. In a year where everything was supposed to different, it's the same fucking thing we saw in 2014 or 2017 or 2022. 

Time truly is a flat circle.