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The Bills Gave Takeo Spikes The Worst Seat In The House So He Left Early

He really does look like he is sitting in timeout. Did they not even give Takeo Spikes a seat, the man is sitting on a chair like a baby in pre school who got caught eating glue. It would even be funnier if he just made someone take the most awkward picture of himself so he can tweet it at the Bills. This is a smart move because I can guarantee that the Bills will sit him in the owners box next game. It is even funnier that he didn't just rip into the Bills right away he had to first congratulate them on the win and then proceeded to shit on them. You also know his boy took this picture and sent it to the group chat clowning on him being like you believe this is what they gave our boy. 

I didn't realize he was like the guest of honor and they put him up like that! Somebody will be getting fired after this tweet because that is actually insane. He actually might as well be sitting in the last seat in the stadium not only did they not give him a seat they gave him an obstructed view. I would have loved to be there in like the 3rd quarter just saying fuck this man they did me dirty we are getting the fuck out of here. I truly can't believe they set him up like that and was like okay Takeo have a good time at the game. Imagine checking your tickets all excited to be sitting in the box for a game and thats your seat. I want a full view of the room as well from Spikes but I can imagine that he will have the best seats in the house next game.